Mistress Sarne


Sarne is a young slender woman who was considered beautiful, even for a Jedi. Once Sarne embraced the darkside however, her appearance changed. She dawned strange tatoos and wore a cloak at all times. She did away with her blue lightsaber and created a double red lightsaber in the tradition of Exar Kun. She is rumored to know many darkside powers but it is unknown how she learned them since records recovered from CIS files indicated she did not recieve training from Count Douku or any other jedi. Mistress Sarne appears cold and calculated in all she does. She inspires fear in her followers but, unlike others, does not execute inferiors because of failer. She is actually slow to anger but, once she is angry, will lash out at anyone near her. She is known to have killed everyone on her command bridge because of their repeated failure to capture a criminal.


Mistress Sarne was once a respected Jedi Knight. She became disillusioned with the Republic due to the extreme corruption she saw in the government. Having learning of Count Duku after having participated in the battle of Geonosis, she eventually decided to leave the Republic to join the CIS believing the Separatist cause was just. over the course of the war, her reputation and tactical grew and was placed in charge of a mission to explore the Kathol Sector. Her original mission was to find new allies and investigate rumors of ancient and advanced technology. Several months into the mission, she found what she was looking for. However, after immerging from an unknown planet, she was completely corrupted by the Darkside. She slew her officers and anyone else in the expeditionary force who did not swear loyalty to her. She was no longer Sarina Orion, but became Mistress Sarne. She now commands a sizeable Separatist fleet but her plans and ambitions remain largely unknown. When the Republic attacked her at KalShebol, she was unprepared and fell back from the known regions of the Kathol Sector into the unknown regions. She also used mysterous technology, which later became known as Dark Stryder technology, to destroy large segments of the attacking forces. Both the Republic and the CIS consider it a top priority to defeat Sarne and bring her to justice. Both the CIS and Republic consider it a top priority to bring her to justice. Sarne however, has other plans…

Mistress Sarne

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