This Wookiee has reddish-brown fur and is fairly chummy being. He enjoys laughing with the crew and listening to their stories from far-off systems. He has become bitter after the death of so many of the crew when Sarne attacked. Although he attempts to hide it, the wookie harbours resentment toward the Jedi Padawans who were missing during the time the Farstar was attacked.


This reddish-brown furred Wookiee is an old friend of Kaiya Adrimetrum’s – the former caption of the Farstar. Both of them served in past conflicts and both enlisted to fight against the Separatists. Lofryyn is now angry and bitter over the loss of his good friend. He has vowed to help Juliana Orion do whatever it takes to defeat Sarne.

Lofryyn is in charge of repairing and maintaining the Farstar. An excellent engineer, he knows the systems inside and out and can keep the ship going in the most difficult of circumstances.

Although he rarely been seen using his skills, Lofryyn knows a secret type of Wookie martial arts.


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