Lieutenant Jessa Dajus


Lieutenant Jessa Dajus is an attractive, sharp-looking young woman. She refuses to wear anything else but her Separatist uniform and will often scoff at those who adhere to the Republic ideals. She believes the Rebuplic as lost its way and should be replaced. She appears friendly to crew members but also appears to know more than she reveals about given situations. She often awakens at night yelling and screaming concerning nightmares she is having about large black crawling spiders.


Dajus initially joined the Farstar crew indicating she wanted to get revenge on Mistress Sarne for torturning her and placing her in prison. She indicated that she also secretly attempted to undermine Mistress Sarne’s authorty when she was placed in prison durin Sarne’s last “purge” of traitors from her military. She appears to believe in the Separatist cause but indicates she desires for Mistress Sarne to pay for her crimes agains her and against the people of the Kathol Sector more.

The FarStar command crew initially thought bringing Dajus aboard as a crew member would be dangerous – but they wanted to run against the risks to have her along as an Separatist tactical advisor. Nobody else from Kal’Shebbol seemed to know too much about Sarne’s operations in the Kathol sector. Although Dajus doesn’t know everything, she seems to know much, especially about Separatist military strategies and how Sarne operates.

Few beings aboard the FarStar trust Dajus, especially since she still wears her Separatist officer’s uniform. She is rarely allowed to carry a weapon while aboard the ship. Captain Ciro often allows Dajus to carry a sidearm during missions away from the ship. Despite the crew’s mistrust for her, Dajus is relatively fair and tolerant of them. She knows if she’s to find Sarne she needs to work with the crew.

Lieutenant Jessa Dajus

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