General Vok


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General Vok leads the Separatists loyalists in the Kathol Sector. Having no permanent base of operations, he travels the Kathol sector with his few remaining loyal ships and an attempt to thwart the plans of the traitorous Mistress Sarne. Having once been a Jedi Knight himself, Vok left the Order and the Republic to join the Separatists movement. He saw the Senate as being corrupt and knew real change had to come from the outside instead of within. He ended up meeting Count Duku and General Grievous and was eventually turned to the Dark Side. He was shot down a few months into the Clone war and forced to get cybernetic augmentation similar to that of general Grievous. Although still power, he has lost a significant amount of his connection to the force. He later served under Mistress Sarne during the Separatist expedition into the Kathol Sector. When Sarne betrayed the CIS, he vowed to find a way to destroy her and restore what forces he could to aid in the destruction of Chancellor Palpatine and the Republic.

General Vok

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