Star Wars Darkstryder Campaign

Initial Adventure: Introduction

Characters & players
Dj (Jedi Padawan) – Galen Minn
Ken (Republic Operative) – Thraxous
Marcus (Corporate Executive) – Torbs Harken

The campaign began with the characters landing on Mistress Sarne’s capital world in the Kathol Sector, Kal’Shebbol. When they arrived, the main city was in ruins from the recent Republic invasion. The streets were littered with broken droids, dead clones, crater holes and buildings still on fire from the intense battle. Upon disembarking from the shuttle, the characters met Lt. Page and are informed of the situation and their upcoming mission. They are told about the mysterious DarkStryder technology which was used against the Republic invasion force.

Galen is informed of how his Jedi master was killed by this strange technology as he pursued Mistress Sarne. Galen’s Jedi master was pursuing Sarne through her palace when he and his team of clones cornered her. She then pulled out a strange piece of technology, pushed down on it, and threw it to the ground in front of her. A ball of blue light came up from the ground, drawing all light into it. It then expanded from wall to wall shooting down the corridor killing Galen’s master and all clones with him.

Thraxous and Galen were also introduced to Torbs Harkin, who belongs to a large corporation financing the expedition into Kathol space to find Mistress Sarne and find the origin of the Dark Stryder techology. Galen and Thraxous join the Starfar leader and captian, Captian Keleman Circo and the first officer Kaiya Adrimetrum and join them in recruiting from the local population for the Starfar mission. When interviewing Security Officer Gorak Khzam, Thraxous suspects he is hiding something and confronts the Rodian. Unable to prove any deception in him, he is allowed to join the Starfar crew as the security offer.

Later, Torbs, Thraxous and Lieutenant Jessa Dajus set out to explore the ruins of Mistress Sarne’s palace. Torbs had attempted to explore the palace sooner, but as turned back by the clones for not having the appropriate documentation. Torbs encounters 2 Dark Jedi looking for Dark Stryder technology left behind. The Dark Jedi nearly kill Torbs when they escape and head toward the star port. Thraxous, Torbs and Lieutenant Jessa Dajus then continue to explore the ruins. Dajus locates the darkstryder technology and gives it to Thraxous as a sign of good faith. Meanwhile, Galen recieves word of the dark jedi in the city and heads toward the space port to confront them. When he arrives, Galen engages the Separatist droids emerging from the shuttle. Galen destroys the turret defenses of the shuttle when the dark jedi emerge to fight off the clones and escape. Galen then engages the Dark Jedi, killing them both.

Meanwhile, Dajus and Thraxous head back to the cantina to meet with Captian Ciro when Torbs stays behind. Torbs uses his skill and deception to feign death. He puts his cloths on the corpse of a citizen killed in the battle and puts on Clone armor. Torbs is then entrusted with taking the Darkstryder technology acquired of Dajus to be transferred off world which Torbs never delivers. Torbs then changes his appearence and sneaks on board the ship with no one knowing his true identity. Galen, who is also a skilled pilot in addition to a Jedi Padawan, meets Ranna Gorjaye who is in command of the Starfar’s fighter squadrons. She indicates to Galen her superior rank and her lack of faith in Jedi abilities. Galen challenges her to a duel in a space simulator and is promptly defeated. All of the characters then enter the ship and disembark for their long journey into the Kathol outback. Before leaving, the crew is joined by a mysterious Jedi Knight and her padawan.

Lt. Page gives the Starfar their orders which are as follows:
1. Find Mistress Sarne and put a stop to her operations in the Kathol Sector.
2. Determine where Darkstryder technology comes from.
3. Recon and Report on Separatist Forces in Kathol Sector and Unknown Space Beyond the Kathol Rift.
4. Recon and Report on the Kathol Sector
5. Recon and Report on Worlds in Unknown Space
6. Represent Republic interests to any settlement or civilizations.


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